Pastor J. L. McCaleb, 
District Superintendent
Evangelist Valena Burkes
District Missionary

New Beginnings Cathedral COGIC
Supt. Johnny McCaleb
6035 University Ave
San Diego, CA 92115

Greater True Light COGIC
Elder Joe Baker, Pastor
4125 Alpha Street
San Diego, CA   
(619) 717-9249

Friendship COGIC
Elder Shawn Hall, Pastor
875 Hotel Circle S
San Diego, CA , 92108 
(858) 380-6298 

New Life His Way
Dr. Linda Morgan, Pastor
435  S. 35th Street
San Diego, CA , 92113

New Life District Welcomes 
Greater True Light COGIC  
New Life District Welcomes 
Friendship Church of God in Christ
(Formerly Friendship Baptist Church)  
Friendship Church of God in Christ 
gets inducted into the  
2nd jurisdiction
Elder Hall Installed as Pastor of 
Friendship Church of God in Christ 
Conducted by 
Bishop George D.  McKinney, General Board Member 
Evangelist Mary Daniel - Brown
Asst. District Missionary
Bishop McKinney, General Board Member, installs Pastor Moon to Ordination Board 
Pastor K. Moon (l), General Board Member Bishop G.D. McKinney (c), Admin. Asst. J.L. McCaleb (r)
Elder Shawn Hall, Pastor  

Evang. Tasha Hall, First Lady
Pastor McCaleb Receives
Honorary Doctorate of 
Theology and Divinity
Christian Education Theological Institute 
Ordination  for Elder Shawn Hall to Pastor Hall
Elder McMackins     &      Elder Toliver
Ordination  for 
Minister McMackins and Minister Toliver